My Investment Property!

Sunday 24 May 2015

Who will manage my property?

We would like to answer one of the most important questions that investment property owners ask…

Who will manage my property?

Your Investment Property is really important to you, especially when it’s your first one.

Naturally, you will take great care in choosing the right person to look after it.

Keep in mind that when you meet a representative from a real estate agency that you will be interviewing them for a really important job.


Looking after your investment. 


Realestate agencies know this.  They want to make a good first impression. They often send out the most experienced person to meet you.

This is a common trend within the industry.

An experienced team member usually undertakes initial discussions with owners. Then once the rental listing is secured, it is then passed on to another team member.


Imagine how you would feel if you got a call the next day from someone you had never met "hi I am xxx I will be looking after your property”. I have met people who have had this exact same thing happen to them, I know exactly how they feel.

Before you sign, make sure you meet the person that is going to manage your property.

Sometimes, these team members

the person that is actually meant to be looking after your property

  • still live at home
  • are more interested in social media
  • are new in the industry.
  • often inexperienced
  • have few skills in problem solving

I felt really disappointed that this could happen.

I have found the best thing to do, when you are hiring someone to take care of your investment, is to meet the actual person who will be looking after your property.


At Quinta; our team are experienced in managing properties.

They own investment properties themselves.

This means that we really do understand what you want and need.


When you meet with us, you will meet with the team member who will be looking after your property. The person you meet is the one that will be responsible.


There is no need to hesitate. 


Each of our team are reliable.

They consistently follow up on matters.

Are persistent in getting results

and seeing projects through to the end.


Who will look after your investment property?

We will…

Quinta Investment Property Management portfolio continues to grow and we are currently seeking more properties to manage.