The Party Introduction

Sunday 08 Mar 2015

I was intrigued by the conversation of some people at a social function just recently. There was another real estate agent at the event. He was asked by someone who was meeting him for the first time “what do you do?”

I understand that when we meet someone there are some things we want to know about them. After all, we are trying to decide whether we have anything in common. Or just to have something to talk about.

This is how the conversation went.

the single young lady: “so what do you” do?

the single real estate agent guy: “oh, I’m a real estate agent!”

the single young lady: “that’s interesting”

the still single real estate agent guy: “yes, I’ve just sold this $1Million dollar house and you should have seen the people lining up. I’ve got another one just like it to sell and I expect to make a killing on that one … he droned on for about 9 minutes about how wonderful and how successful he was before the young lady excused herself to get another drink.


a little later in the evening I was introduced to her. Not surprisingly, I was asked the same question. and this is how the conversation went.

her: “so what do you do?”

me: “oh, I help people with one of the most significant decisions in life, so that they can achieve their dreams will less stress”

her: “wow that sounds really exciting, what decision do you help them with”

me: “well I help them understand the seven stages to successfully selling their home and then I work along side them to make sure it gets done”

her: “that sounds like something I need help with”

me: “sure, I can help you, when is the best time to meet so you can get an amazing result”


I believe that selling real estate is more about you than it is about me.


Trevor Pickens has a different view of real estate.